The Game Master's Guide

by Cawood Publishing

Cawood Publishing



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The Game Master's Guide

The Game Master's Guide

Practical resources for any Game Master. This guide can be used with any 5E game. It is also a supplement to the World of Myrr campaign setting. Need more monsters? Interested in some helpful tips? Need more tables to add depth to your fantasy RPG? This guide contains all of that and more.

The 136 page book includes:

An update to the new monster collection/now over 50 monsters

The monster collection includes NPC types like; Anti-Paladin, Apprentice, Bandit Lord, Battle Mage, Bounty Hunter, Bounty Hunter Boss, Chief of the Town, Conjurer, Disciple, Elite Guard, Entertainer, Fortune Teller, Guard Commander, Guild Master, Gypsy, Head Druid, Jester, Knight Commander, Master Thief, Merchant, Monk, Monk Superior, Pirate, Pirate Captain, Royal Guard, Slave Lord, Slaver, Thief, Witch.

  • Over 50 pages of new encounter tables and new monster lists
  • 30 Game Master tips
  • Stats for the 250+ Notable Characters from the Myrr campaign book
  • A new map of Myrr by Philip Stephen
  • Critical Hit and Miss tables (including spell attack tables)
  • An alternate Wild Magic table
  • Chase tables
  • Random items tables