The Genius Guide to More Ranger Talents


Brand: Rogue Genius Games

Format: PDF

The idea of ranger talents (and why they are a good idea) is first presented in The Genius Guide to the Talented Ranger, along with a large number of talents (many adapted from the abilities of ranger archetypes). The new talents presented here can be used with that book, or added as new options for the traditional ranger class.

To use these talents with the core ranger class, simply allow a ranger to replace any of the following class features with an edge, talent, advanced talent, or grand talent as appropriate. Edges - combat feats, evasion, favored enemy, favored terrain, hunter's bond, spellcasting (1 edge for each level of spells sacrificed, when the ranger would first be able to cast those spells). Talents - endurance, swift tracker, track, wild empathy, woodland stride. Advanced talents -camouflage, hide in plain sight, improved evasion, improved quarry, quarry. Grand talents - master hunter. The new hunter's tricks use rules that can be found in The Genius Guide to the Talented Ranger or with the skirmisher archetype for rangers. Many of the prerequisites mentioned in these edges and talents are from The Genius Guide to the Talented Ranger, so a GM not using that book may need to replace them with similar talents or feats from resources appropriate to the campaign.