Thunderscape: The Radiant Order

by Kyoudai Games

Kyoudai Games



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Thunderscape: The Radiant Order

Thunderscape: The Radiant Order

The Radiant Order is an altruistic organization devoted to the protection and prosperity of the nation of Arasteen, but their interest does not stop there. All of Aden is at risk from the Darkfall, and the noble warriors of the Radiant Order are determined to save lives at any cost.

The world of Aden is vast and diverse, with many different races, cultures, and creeds occupying its width and breadth. Each installment of the Thunderscape World Books examines a different aspect of Aden in much greater depth, allowing players and GMs to add detail to their gaming experience.

The Radiant Order includes the following:

  • The Radiant Crusader, an archetype for the paladin class
  • The Radiant Emissary, an archetype for the rogue class
  • The Radiant Path Cleric, an archetype for the cleric class
  • The Radiant Scholar, an archetype for the wizard class

And more!