Transcendent 10 - Feats of Synergy - Heartbound Heroes


Brand: Lost Spheres Publishing

Format: PDF

What is love?

Often problematic at the gaming table, romance is a staple part of fantasy media... but your love life is about to get a little easier (in game anyway).

Transcendent 10 - Feats of Synergy - Heartbound Heroes introduces 10 new feats to bring the power of love into the crunch of the Pathfinder RPG. Characters may choose a Heartbound Partner (PC or NPC) to share a unique and powerful bond with. Rogues lash out with the passion of a love threatened, mages weave stronger spells for their betrothed, and more... GM advice on how to incorporate extraordinary relationships into your games with appropriate and game relevant execution is part of every feat. Included are a bonus spell and psionic power to Call on your Heartbound Bond. Go beyond the basic with Transcendent 10!