The Whispering Fen

by The Eldritch Press

The Eldritch Press



Tags: 5th Edition Adventure (Low-Level) Fantasy Magic Items Maps/Battlemaps Monsters/Enemies

The Whispering Fen

The Whispering Fen is a 1st-level adventure suitable for 3-5 players. It takes between 4-10 hours to play. In it, the small village of Bogbank struggles for its survival. Each night the village is besieged by swarms of monsters that emerge from the Whispering Fen to drain the life from anyone they find. Bogbank is a village under siege, its residents broken and terrorized. Dark forces are at work and dangers unknown must be overcome before all is lost. This is for new players, or for a GM who wants to run a streamlined, uncomplicated adventure.

Included in this adventure is:

  • A keyed village map with detailed residents
  • Original maps and images
  • 5 new monsters/NPCs: Chearthra the Druid, Druidic Aspirant, Giant Hunter Turtle, the Wispling, and the Swarm-o'-wisps
  • 3 new magic items: the Staff of Claws, the Hag Cauldron, and the Warding Gem

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