Against the Darkness: Into the Fire

by Tabletop Adventures

Tabletop Adventures



Tags: adventure horror modern

Against the Darkness: Into the Fire

An unnatural forest fire threatens a Catholic center for contemplation and prayer. Local resources are stretched thin; stopping the fire may take a miracle.

This is an introductory scenario for the Against the Darkness Vatican horror roleplaying game by Tabletop Adventures. While suitable for beginning or experienced roleplayers and game masters, Into the Fire is written with additional helps for the GM who is new to Against the Darkness. A folder of supplemental material also provides a variety of pregenerated characters, and tips on playing the sneaky lead villain.

Against the Darkness is an easy-to-learn, rules-light game, good for both experienced gamers who appreciate a religious slant on the horror genre and players looking for an accessible system in which to learn the art of the game. It uses Tabletop Adventures' custom 4-6-8 dice system.

"Into the Fire" is a scenario intended for 3-6 beginning characters. It was originally designed to stand alone as a four-hour convention game, but can easily be used in a campaign and includes suggestions for a shorter or longer game. This scenario includes occult themes and a kidnapped child, and is recommended for age 13 and up.

26 pages plus supplemental material; 39 pages total.