The Fade Tabletop 2e: The Mystic Guide to Magic

by Black Flame Studios

Black Flame Studios



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The Fade Tabletop 2e: The Mystic Guide to Magic

Within this tome is a font of untapped power, waiting to be accessed by any brave or foolish enough to access it...

The Mystic Guide to Magic provides many new character options for players of The Fade Tabletop 2nd Edition, focusing primarily on new magic-based options for players. Below is an example of some of the new content.

  • 8 new playable species, including the distant Half-Ghosts and the hollow Spirit Armor.
  • 6 new classes, including the blasting Evoker and the nature-bound Druid.
  • New magic-based archetypes for each of the Core classes.
  • New weapons and armor, including Legendary Weapons - needed for those wishing to become Godslayers.
  • New Feats and Traits.
  • And of course, two new spell lists: Nature and Madness.

So what are you waiting for? Become the wizard you've dreamed of!