Desolate Deserts Terrain Tiles

by Dungeons By Dan

Dungeons By Dan

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Desolate Deserts Terrain Tiles

The desert is an unforgiving place. In the Desolate Deserts Terrain Tile map pack, piece together 35 modular desert cards to fill your desert adventure. From wastelands to oasis and shanty towns to barren sand dunes you will find exactly what you need to pull together your desert tale. The Desolate Desert map pack consists of:

  • 35 Double-sided cards
  • 35 Desert terrain tiles
  • 25 Town tiles
  • 9 Path tiles

Each printed card is a 9"x9" terrain tile with a muted 10x10 grid so that you can play with or without a grid system. The Instant Mine Creator maps are perfect for RPG miniatures. See the previews for mini size examples.

If you're like me, you probably play with a couple of belching ogres called PCs (or friends), who tend to spill their ale every time you play. Because of that, each print is coated with a high-quality Satin UV Coating for durable scratch resistance, water resistance, and non-glare usage so that my products will last for many future campaigns to come. Tiles clean with a damp cloth.