Wondrous Items 1: Armor Made from Monster Hides

by Kobold Press

Kobold Press



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Wondrous Items 1: Armor Made from Monster Hides

The best loot doesn't always come in chests!

Few heroes who've fought a displacer beast or aurumvorax consider the usefulness of their foe after it's fallen. Using monster bits in the crafting of armor yields items that aren't just uniquely protective they're stylish too! 

With Wondrous Items: Armor Made from Monster Hides, you can harvest and craft some element of a defeated monster into light, medium, or heavy armor. Learn how to:

  • Walk calmly through fire while looking like a medieval biker in Hell Hound Leather
  • Watch your foes' weapons crumble against your Rust Monster Shell Breastplate
  • Get kicked out of the temple of Light for coming to services in Shield Archon Full Plate
  • …and much more!

Each Wondrous Items PDF brings you awesome crunch for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game at an affordable price. Pick one up today!