Helpful List - Epithets

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Helpful List - Epithets

What is the main characteristic of the person?

The Helpful List range from Ennead games is a series of lists in PDF format that give you ideas or pre-made results from other generators and tables.

This particular one covers epithets. An epithet is described as : “an adjective or phrase expressing a quality or attribute regarded as characteristic of the person or thing mentioned.”

Here they are divided into two groups/tables. One being, for the most part, positive and the other being , again for the most part, negative.

How and why the character earned the epithet is up to you, but whatever the reason it should be memorable and something worthy ofthe title!

Example Epithets

"Positive" Epithets

  • The Authentic
  • The Diligent
  • The Modest

"Negative" Epithets

  • The Cruel
  • The False
  • The Vicious