Operation: Marshal Law for BASH!

by Misfit Studios

Misfit Studios



Tags: BASH! Modern Superhero

Operation: Marshal Law for BASH!

Operation: Marshal Law for BASH! is Ready to Bring some Law & Order to Your Game

The first of Misfits Studios' releases for the BASH! Ultimate Edition rules, Operation: Marshal Law details the US Marshal Service program intended to integrate super-powered beings into the agency as law enforcement officers.

Within Operation: Marshal Law for BASH! you will find:

  • A US Marshal's field office built using the new Membership advantage found in Awesome Powers 4
  • A template of traits for US Marshal training requirements that must be met to allow your game's characters to join this agency
  • Three ideas for involving the US Marshal Service in your game

BASH! Ultimate Edition and Basic Action Games are the intellectual properties of Chris Rutkowsky © 2004. This product has been published for use with BASH! Ultimate Edition under license.

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