Shards of the Heart (OGL)

by Tabletop Adventures

Tabletop Adventures



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Shards of the Heart (OGL)

Shards of the Heart (OGL)

20+ character descriptions for serious roleplaying interaction.

Shards of the Heart is an exciting product, chock full of useful NPCs. Most characters include scenario suggestions, plot hooks, and an introductory narrative that makes it easy to introduce the character into your campaign. Character backgrounds and motivations are provided to allow you to play the characters as three-dimensional people with their own goals and desires. Characters range in level from 1st through 9th and include modifications for one or two additional levels so that you can fit them into your campaign at the level that works best for you. In addition we have included complete character sheets so that if you plan to use the character on an ongoing basis you don't have to spend a lot of time copying down the stats.

In keeping with a release date just before Valentine's Day, we have developed a group of human, elven and half-elven characters who are suitable for romantic diversions or liaisons. Should you have an adventurer who is looking for a little romance, now you have a resource to help you get started. However, tender moments are not the only use for these NPCs. Here you will find fully-detailed characters that can be used as anything from bit players to members of an adventuring party to major personages in your campaign.

As always we have taken care that the descriptions can be used to enhance most fantasy settings and fit into your existing campaign or situation as easily as possible. The 3.5 Edition statistics are offered for your convenience, but the characters are well-enough developed that you could use them in other game systems, because they don't depend on their stats to be interesting.

With cover artwork by Brenna Alyn Walters, interior art by Rob Hughes and character depictions by Gillian Pearce and Marina Badani (among others), Shards of the Heart offers plenty of visual stimulation to get your creativity flowing.

Loaded with character descriptions, backgrounds and motivations, plot hooks and adventure seeds, and artwork, Shards of the Heart is made for you, to ease the lives of Harried Game Masters everywhere.

90 pages plus character sheets; 130 pages total.

This is part of the "Harried Game Master" line of products, providing the materials we've always wished to have.