Equipment Maker Scifi Edition Volume 2 - Mechs

by Ennead Games

Ennead Games



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Equipment Maker Scifi Edition Volume 2 - Mechs

Equipment Maker Scifi Edition Volume 2 - Mechs

A Mech, sometimes called a mecha, is a term used to describe a giant robot like machine, often humanoid shape, controlled by an internal pilot or pilots.

They can range in size and design, from ones that act as almost a set of clothing, to giant building sized behemoths of destruction and more, require the use of multiple pilots and operators. They posses, albeit smaller versions, weapons and defences sometimes found on starships.

They can move about in urban environments and act as peacekeepers, defence units or even for law-enforcement.

Whatever their purpose or role, a mech is as varied as the ones who use them. This generator series of tables is designed to help you flesh out the details.

Featuring tables that cover the following aspects:

  • Mech-Name
  • Armour and Shields
  • Colouration and Pattern
  • Defence Strengths/Weakness
  • Defects/Quirks
  • Emergency Systems
  • Misc. Systems
  • Pilot
  • Power System
  • Propulsion/Movement
  • Rating
  • Role/Class
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Visual Style
  • Weapons
  • Weight Class

& a Glossary/appendix to help explain some of the terms used.