The Dragon's Hoard: Wondrous Items

by Flaming Crab Games

Flaming Crab Games



Tags: Fantasy Magic Magic Items Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition Spells SRD Enhanced Treasure

The Dragon's Hoard: Wondrous Items

Welcome, adventurer, to the Dragon’s Hoard. Within you will find an assortment of magic items lovingly crafted by two dozen designers, including both budding and established writers. Perhaps not every dragon would have each of these items, but a weird dragon that likes magic muddy boots and self writing quills should.

Always desired a battle beard made of flames? Oh, haven't we all! We've got your chin covered with the burning beard! Need to impersonate the king but you're terrible at voices? Don't worry, the choker of mimicry will save your neck! Need a prehensile tail to hold your beer when you get in that inevitable tavern brawl in session 1? Grab yourself the, erm, fuzzy elf's tail! (Not really sure why it's called that, to be honest) Do you hate the undead but are into dead cats? The mummified cat ensures that no undead come crawling out of the ground at night! And if those don't suit you, there are over 100 wondrous items to discover within!