Book of Beasts: Wandering Monsters 1 (PFRPG)

by Jon Brazer Enterprises

Jon Brazer Enterprises



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Book of Beasts: Wandering Monsters 1 (PFRPG)

Book of Beasts: Wandering Monsters 1 describes new fierce and fantastic denizens for many campaigns. This fully bookmarked PDF includes 5 new monsters that provide players with new challenges and new difficulties to face.

These monsters include:

  • Blightdaemon: daemon of disease that leaves a trail of death in its path
  • Death Adept: an undead priest and commander of the undead forces
  • Mantian: a mantis-looking magical creature with deadly poison stingers
  • Remembrant: a flying undead that remembers those that wronged it in life
  • Rock Ophidian: a salamander-looking dragon that spits balls of acid at its dinner

Enhance your world and your game with these monsters.