Advanced Feats: Visions of the Oracle

by Kobold Press

Kobold Press



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Advanced Feats: Visions of the Oracle

The Oracle Foretold This Set of Feats!

Continuing the hugely popular Advanced Feats series, the Visions of the Oracle takes a deeper look at this spontaneous divine class. Visions offers 30 game-tested feats, 3 rock-solid character builds, plus a class overview, analysis, and designer commentary.

Feats include everything from Battlecaster and Mystic Retribution to Quick Healing, Prophetic Dreamer, and Tactical Spellcasting. With 17 pages of advanced Pathfinder Roleplaying Game options for anyone playing an oracle, Visions of the Oracle includes both feats made to order for every official Mystery and a range of more general feats.

Behold the light of a greater oracle! Pick up the Visions of the Oracle today!