Cave Hideout

by Dungeons By Dan

Dungeons By Dan



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Cave Hideout

There are natural caves and then there are caves that humanoids have made their own for some dark purpose. Is it a cult that needs to setup a secret outpost? Or an assassins guild with an obscure meet up point? Whatever the case, the Cave Hideouts map pack allows you to create just the place. Because there are over 130 of tunnel tiles that are modular, you will easily snap easily them into place creating a potential endless labyrinth of caves. Such a cave might be be perfect for a minotaur, oh my! The Cave Hideout digital terrain map pack contains:

  • Alchemist/Summoner
  • Living Quarters/Common Area
  • Barracks/Armory
  • Library
  • Hospital
  • Meeting Hall
  • And more!