Grem The Conqueror

by Dungeons By Dan

Dungeons By Dan



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Grem The Conqueror

Take your players on a quest finding a small hamlet ravaged by Goblinoid attacks. Root out their enemies and bring the fight to them or else the town will meet an untimely end.

This D&D 5e adventure has been balanced for 5 players of 4th level. It can be altered by the DM to make it harder or easier depending on the number of players/levels involved in your game. While the adventure uses Goblinoids, they can be swapped with any other humanoid/creature that fits your campaign’s needs. It will likely span approximately 2 sessions of play.

This adventure is a digital product that is able to be imported into any VTT. It combines tokens, maps, and a printable pdf to guide you through the adventure.

Adventure Quick Guide

System: D&D 5E Adventure
Starting Level: 5 players of 4th level
Length: Approximately 2 sessions