Instant Dungeon Creator

by Dungeons By Dan

Dungeons By Dan



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Instant Dungeon Creator

Creating dungeons just got easier. With the Instant Dungeon Creator Map Pack, you can create unique dungeons over and over. This pack has 39 maps fully furnished containing 38 different rooms and 26 hallways. Each map conveniently connects to previous maps creating a seamless labyrinth of unending passages. Rooms and furnishings include alchemy lab, barracks, dining hall, kitchen, library, armory, barracks, torture chamber, jail cells, burial chambers and more.

Create new rooms as the Instant Dungeon Creator Map Pack also includes 30 empty rooms and hallways which you can adorn in any way you choose.

Each map is 10x10 at 72dpi and can easily be turned or moved around your preferred VTT.