Tree Fort Village

by Dungeons By Dan

Dungeons By Dan



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Tree Fort Village

Climb high into the forest with the elves that live in the treetops. Make canopy cities stretch across the forest in an elaborate rope bridge system. The Tree Fort Village contains 91 digital tokens with both furnished and unfurnished buildings. Some structures are on the outside while others are caved directly into the tree itself. Each token is based on an 11x11 grid so that it easily fits on your game board. Fantasy buildings include:

  • Alchemist/Astrologer
  • Inns/Taverns
  • Barracks/Billeting
  • Restaurants, Bakers, and Dining Halls
  • Library/Study
  • Cartographer
  • Hospital
  • Seamstress
  • Leather Worker
  • Jail House
  • Town Hall
  • Several Rope Ladders
  • And more!

Have a unique idea? Customize your own buildings with unfurnished graphics!