Ziggurats, Temples, And Pyramids

by Dungeons By Dan

Dungeons By Dan



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Ziggurats, Temples, And Pyramids

Create the ultimate place of worship for your roleplaying games with the Ziggurats, Pyramids, & Temples digital map pack. Make quick work creating elaborate wonders of your world with over 250 map assets/tiles that snap together seamlessly. Channel the Egyptians with a Pyramid set in the desert sands. Construct a jungle Mayan step temple with the moss, steps, and sacrifice huts. Elevate multiple platforms for your most complex Mesopotamian Ziggurat.

Once the top of your shrine is complete, dive below the stones for the perfect crypt to honor your Pharaoh with modular dungeon tiles creating an endless labyrinth of adventure. Each digital tile is 10x10 and can be rotated and arranged however you like to create the most epic temple possible!