Rule Zero: Gem Magic

by Minotaur Games

Minotaur Games



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Rule Zero: Gem Magic

Unlock the Power Of Magic Gems!

Gemstones are more than just valuable treasure. Used to cast powerful spells or create mighty magic items, these precious stones are worth far more than a pile of gold. With Rule Zero: Gem Magic, gemstones can become an integral part of any adventurer's arsenal. Once attached to an existing magic item, these jewels grant new abilities and powerful spells allowing heroes to get more out of their magic items. For the GM, gemstones offer a new way to reward your players, giving them the ability to upgrade items without having to discard their old gear. Of course, gemstones can add power and versatility to your favorite villains as well.

Inside this PDF,you'll find a new system for including gem magic into your game. Each gem comes in four different qualities and each quality grants different abilities depending on the item to which the gem is attached. In total, this PDFcontains:

A Complete System for creating Gemstones and Sockets, including a new feat and 3 spells
100 Magic Gemstones, 4 of each type of Gemstone

Rule Zero states that the game belongs to the players and their Game Master. Each group should make the game their own. This series of short, easy to integrate PDFs are designed to give GMs the tools to tailor the game to fit their needs. Each PDF in theseries features an entirely reimagined mechanic, designed to give a newperspective on existing rules! Written by veteran game designer, Jason Bulmahn,you can be sure that these rules will fit seamlessly into your game.