Open Gaming Monthly #3

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Open Gaming Monthly #3

Open Gaming Monthly is your Premier source for all NEW content, articles, and news for your favorite Open Gaming Systems, including the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Swords & Wizardry, Mutants & Masterminds, and more.

Here's some of the articles and columns!

Merchants & Margins

If there's one thing that can be said for the average adventurer, it's that they'll do just about anything in the name of gold. This article features tons of tables and lists of commodities for settlements in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game as well as guidelines for haggling for items and determining supply and demand and much more.

Cinematic Combat

Written by Brian Berg of Total Party Kill Games.

Opponents of the d20 system have long said that the simulated combat is not realistic enough.

Harbor of Thieves

An epic hideout for dastardly villains from Lord Zsezse Works. Map Included.

Razor Coast Preview

Frog God Games takes us on a tour of their new book and all the dangerous locations that make up the Razor Coast.

Swashbuckling Feats

These feats emphasize the more unique elements of swashbuckling adventure. This article describes feats of daring bravado such as Acrobatic Attack, Agile Riposte, Blood of Pirates, Entangle Weapon, Razor Tongue, Scoundrels Luck, and several others guaranteed to add excitement and style to your character.

Learn to Spell

An interesting set of spells for all your nautical adventures and high sea encounters!

Parry & Reposte

A certain panache is associated with rapiers, and a fantasy fighter often enjoys a reputation based solely on his choice of weapon. This Pathfinder Roleplaying Game article includes description and statistics for several new swords and other misc. equipment to use alongside those swords.

The Rifleman Gunslinger Archetype

Written by Daron Woodson of Abandoned Arts.

For some gunmen, the chaos of black powder combat and the rhythm of thundering gunfire and flintlock hammers hold little appeal. This is a complete archetype for the Gunslinger class and includes new Grit feats as well!

Revenge Gazpacho

Written by Frank Gori.

They say revenge, like gazpacho, is a dish best served cold. This article features new character traits for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game including False Identity, Secret Evidence, Inspiring Totem, and Dirty Hands.

Creature Feature: Gearforged Steed

Written by Alex Riggs of Necromancers of the Northwest.

In a thunder of hoof beats, a massive metallic steed rushes into the thick of battle. The Gearforged Steed is a CR 11 construct with bad breath and heavy heels!

Legendary Locations: Modani's Breath

Written by Bret Boyd of Tricky Owlbear Publishing.

For this most interesting locale, we turn to the ancient sea vessel known as Modani's Breath. This article includes complete setting info and statistics for the ship named Modani's Breath as well as a trap, an antique item generator, adventure hooks for use with the ship, some NPCs to sprinkle about, and even crewmen statistics, all ready to be used in your Razor Coast Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign!

World Craft: Port Parlay

Written by Joseph Davis.

Situated in the middle of the sea, Port Parlay was built over a long period of time, and the origins of its creation are lost to antiquity. This article describes 5 factions, 5 interesting locations, and 2 plot hooks for adventurers in Port Parlay!

The Good, The Bad, The Henchmen

Written by Matt Medeiros, Editor.

Presenting New NPC's for the Mutants & Masterminds Super Hero Roleplaying Game!

Expanding on the Rules

Written by Landon Bellavia.

Landon shows us how to build better ships like the sloop, corvette, frigate, galleon, man-of-war, and ship-of-the-line using the rules presented in the awesome book "Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Combat"!

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