Do Not Approach

by Tripod Machine

Tripod Machine



Tags: GM Tools Monsters/Enemies Mutants & Masterminds Super-Hero

Do Not Approach

Tripod Machine presents eleven dastardly super-villains, Super-Powered by M&M! This book is dual-statted for Capes, Cowls, and Villains Foul. In addition to writeups for each system, Do Not Approach comes with a number of adventure seeds to kickstart your imagination. These villains are extremely dangerous. Do not approach for any reason.

The lineup includes:

  • Corbin Jeffcoat, outlaw archer
  • The Corex, emperor of machines
  • Cornelia Whateley, weird occultist
  • Kingbird, an armored renegade
  • Minotaur, a sinister brawler more than he appears
  • Mister Sunshine, gangster and psychopath
  • Monster Woman, a quarter ton of misunderstood loner
  • Mystery Killer, a great detective gone very, very bad
  • Psibeth, a bonobo chimpanzee with a powerful psychic mind
  • Scarlet Kingsnake, a roundhouse-kicking ruffian
  • Silver Shogun, master of shuriken