Legendary Adventures: Epic 5E

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



Tags: 5th Edition Classes Fantasy Feats GM Tools Magic Monsters/Enemies Mythic Player Aids SRD Enhanced

Legendary Adventures: Epic 5E

Legendary Adventures: Epic 5E is an incredible 128-page sourcebook that provides everything you'll need to go beyond the core ruleset—or to fill up the GM's toolbox with a host of new epic creatures if you're already there!

  • Epic rules for every character class—attack with devastating swiftness, transform into the land itself, see magic in all its intricate glory, and much more
  • 18 Epic Feats to choose from to customize your legendary adventurer. Transform one of your favorite magic items into a sentient creature, become resistant to types of damage, emulate the legendary resistance of monsters.
  • 10 Epic Hazards including antimagic clouds, wild magic zones, planar bleeds, and other environmental anomalies to keep battles exciting as the threat of foes increases.
  • Over 50 monsters ranging from all-powerful gods of magic to the Four Harbingers of the Final Judgment, assassins from the future, and elementals formed from lava.

Check them all out, plus bonus free web supplements at the Legendary Games website! There's never been a better book to Make Your 5E Game Legendary!