Mythic Monsters 47: Greek

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



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Mythic Monsters 47: Greek

Classic Creatures of Mythic Greece

Mythic Monsters: Greek brings you an amazing and exciting assortment of monsters from the legends and lore of Greece, from enchanting spirits of nature to ferocious and legendary monsters fit for the greatest of epic heroes, ranging from CR 2 to 20. Some natives of Greek mythology are friendly and playful like the frolicsome faun and beautiful dryad and their seagoing oceanid cousins. Others may put on a pleasant guise or use their uncanny powers to lure heroes to destruction, like the song of the siren and the harpy or the enigmatic foresight of the cyclops. Some Greek monsters are clad in scales of bronze and iron, like the soaring stymphalides or the petrifying gorgon, and many are misshapen multi-headed monsters like the guardian cerberi or the savage chimera. Finally, the true titans challenged the Greek gods for supremacy, their monstrous brood left behind gargantuan monsters like the twin terrors of scylla and charybdis! As if a dozen existing monsters were not enough, the brand-new stheno, the immortal, brazen-scaled sisters of medusa whose strength and savagery defy description. In addition to the featured creatures, we bring you a bevy of magnificent magic items drawn from the legends of Jason and the Argonauts, the perfect prizes for mythic adventures with a taste for the classics!

The Mythic Monsters series from Legendary Games brings you dynamic and exciting mechanics alongside evocative and cinematic new abilities that really help creatures live up to their flavor text, whether they are creatures of real-world myth and legend or creatures born out of the RPG tradition itself. These creatures can work just as well in a non-mythic campaign as they do in one that incorporates the full mythic rules, as you can throw them at your jaded players who think they've seen it all or know the standard monster stats as well as you do. That look of surprise and "What was THAT?" will warm any GM's heart.

This all-new 32-page supplement by Jason Nelson, Jonathan H. Keith, Mike D. Welham, and Jim Groves is a terrific complement to the Mythic Monster Manual, with over 220 mythic monsters and an awesome array of monster-focused abilities, feats, and more for your Pathfinder game! Pick up both books today and Make Your Game Legendary!