The Ebon Vault - Adamant Armors

by Necromancers of the Northwest

Necromancers of the Northwest



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The Ebon Vault - Adamant Armors

The Finest in Magical Protection!

Magic armors have never been the most exciting magic loot in the pile. Players tend to be more interested in the devastation that a magic weapon can wield, or the various and sundry miscellaneous abilities that wondrous items can provide. Magic armor has always been the solid, workhorse style of magic item: it gives you a bonus to AC, nothing fancy, nothing to get all that excited about...until now.

The Ebon Vault: Adamant Armors endeavors to make magic armor more exciting. It packs six new special materials to craft armor from, and over 30 new armor special abilities-which focus on making armor more dynamic and enjoyable to use. Further, it contains a number of mundane enhancements for armor (such as laminated plating, or camouflage), which are available at early levels and allow players to customize their armor and gain some mechanical benefit from doing so. Finally, the book contains 12 specific suits of armor, with unique special abilities, as well as in-depth backgrounds and physical descriptions.

As previous Ebon Vault books have done in the past for swords, staves, and orbs, The Ebon Vault: Adamant Armors will transform your magic armor into something that can truly be called "treasure.