APEX: An Otherverse America Sourcebook

by Skortched Urf' Studios

Skortched Urf' Studios



Tags: campaign setting d20/OGL Modern

APEX: An Otherverse America Sourcebook

While the Otherverse America core rulebook details life within the Choicer and Lifer pseudo-nations, this sourcebook details life within neutral-territory America, and focuses heavily on the 22nd Century's premier military: APEX.

APEX is America's most elite metahuman strike force, which operates independently of the Choicer pseudo-nation, and is based in the Washington D.C. Metroplex. APEX was founded during the 2020s, so the United States military would have access to a post-human army equal to anything fielded by other nations, terror groups and independent operators like RAINBOW Liberty. APEX is a check on the ever growing numbers of metahuman vigilantes, non-governmental organizations, terror cells and private security teams.

APEX troops are among the best trained and best equipped in the Americas, drilled extensively in urban tactics, counter-terrorism, and anti- Powered warfare. In addition to exemplary training, APEX troops are enhanced with military grade genemods, combat focused object philosophy indoctrination and the best cyber-enhancement protocol money can buy. A single veteran APEX super soldier is designed to be a match for a full enemy light platoon, despite the huge costs involved in training and molding a soldier to that level.

Included in this massive sourcebook are a host of new player races. In the Otherverse America setting civilian genetic engineering is as common as tattooing, and each citizen of 22nd Century America is a species of one, custom designed to survive the rigors of a war-torn, segregated future.

New human races have emerged.

The world's megacorps and America's military elite began using in-vitro gene-cutting to custom build workers and combat troops as early as the 2030s. The same 'genetic revolution' that gave the world the AIDS cure, the first generation of engineered Powereds and laid the cornerstone of the Covenant pseudo-nation also gave birth to a new breed of slavery. A series of Supreme Court decisions during the 2050s freed many of the 'engineered' races, and forced an already overstressed America to come to terms with the myriad new sentient species now living among them.

Along with new races, there are a host of new feats, advanced classes, starting classes and detailed campaign setting material that breathes life into the Otherverse America Setting.