Guide to the Known Galaxy

by Skortched Urf' Studios

Skortched Urf' Studios



Tags: campaign setting d20/OGL Modern sci-fi Space

Guide to the Known Galaxy

"We have to consider the possibilty of xeno-cultural contamination, not just biological ontaimination. There is a very good chance that sooner or later, a xeno-visitor will arrive with the either the firepower, charisma or sheer economic muscle to completely reshape human civilization. We've seen it appen to other species- to the Thray, to the Cavepainters, to the Clee-Setti, to the Polyflor- alien contact hanges a planetary culture so radically that its recognizable, indigineous society effectively collaspes. here's no reason to assume it can't happen to homo sapiens."

-Major General Elliot Shy, United States Secretary of Defense 2038

The Guide to the Known Galaxy

The universe itself is several trillion years old, and has been host to sentient life almost from the first moment of its creation. Life has evolved in the hearts of stars and in the deepest, coldest voids between galaxies. The Milky Way galaxy is the jewel of the universe, the axis upon which all of material reality turns. Our galaxy is home to an assortment of wonders, unmatched anywhere else in this impossibly vast universe.

The Guide to the Known Galaxy is a sourcebook for the Otherverse America campaign setting, describing a dozen alien races common to the universe. The new player races presented here range from the relatively humanoid and comprehensible, such as the Half Grey or the Thrayce, to exotic, truly alien enigmas like the dimensionallydispersed Jigsaw. These new aliens were built with a specific campaign world in mind, but can easily be used in any D20 Modern or Future campaign.

In addition, a new feat type is described: Lifechain Feats. Lifechain feats give their recipient an overwhelming genetic advantage, and provide the character with supernatural talents... .. at an enormously high cost.

These Lifechain Feats, and the star-spanning ecosystem and mythology they are part and parcel of, form the basis for Otherverse cosmology and galactic history.

All this and more are presented in this jam-packed 176page PDF presented by Otherverse Games.