Ultimate Treasury (5E)

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



Tags: 5th Edition Fantasy Future Horror Magic Magic Items Monsters/Enemies Sci-Fi SRD Enhanced Treasure

Ultimate Treasury (5E)

Over a Thousand Terrific Treasures

The Ultimate Treasury is an encyclopedic guide to treasure of every kind for DnD 5th Edition, from commonplace potions and simple utility items to legendary weapons, awesome artifacts, and a humongous hoard of truly legendary loot! You'll find items aplenty for any kind of campaign, from traditional fantasy to ancient treasures of the desert tombs, fey baubles to pirate loot, the armaments of crusading knights and tools for clever roof-running footpads, plus items inspired by an array of real-world cultures and items tailored specifically for use with every core 5E class! Plus get tables galore to generate detailed hoards jam-packed with an exciting assortment of treasures for every level, so no hoard will ever be the same!

Of course, treasures are not limited to shiny baubles and enchanted implements! Sometimes knowledge is the greatest power, and the Ultimate Treasury also includes spellbooks of untold power and librams of lost lore and martial mastery. You'll also find an incredible array of mundane, mechanical, alchemical, and technological gear from blackfire clay, troll oil, and soul stimulant to arc rifles, singularity grenades, and scatterlight suits! Plus, terrible cursed items and awesome artifacts aplenty! Last but not least, treasure must be protected, and you'll find a menagerie of guardian monsters like the abandoned armory, goldbug, glisterfae, and ioun golem to keep your loot safe from marauding adventurers!

You'll find over 1,000 items, spells, creatures, and more in these pages, beautifully illustrated, organized by category, and ready to reward your heroes for their triumphs! You can make this book even better with our decks of Legendary Loot Cards for ease of use at the table! Whether you use this beautiful book, our card sets, or both, we hope this fantastic 346-page collection of marvelous magic, amazing alchemy, and terrific technological treasures for 5E helps Make Your Game Legendary!