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You Hear a Little "Click" Sound...

The great tradition of traps in roleplaying games continues because traps create that freak-out moment when things really, really go wrong!

Traps make your game better and they add a sting of surprise to any encounter. The Trapsmith sourcebook provides you with original, easy-to-run traps for many Challenge Ratings, and each trap has been maximized for in-game flavor and mechanics by master trap designer Maurice de Mare.

All Trapsmith designs come complete with statistics for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. This volume includes:

120 traps spanning a wide range of Challenge Ratings, several locks, and many useful rogue items

Guidance for creating fun, appropriate traps for your own adventures

A complete trap-heavy adventure called Whispers of Wyrmhood

Put a little fear into your next dungeon crawl with this collection of trigger-ready traps, and revel in the deathtraps of the old-school dungeon! Pick up Trapsmith today!