Cultures of Celmae: Dwarves 2e

by Wayward Rogues Publishing

Wayward Rogues Publishing



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Cultures of Celmae: Dwarves 2e

The dwarves of Celmae are simultaneously your typical dwarves and anything but. Haunted by guilt, this pious race has devoted themselves to righting the wrongs of their past. Above the surface and below, the united dwarf clans consider themselves the chosen people of the god Adan, and their mission is to save the world.

But followers of the Ashen King have other plans...

New dwarf player options included:

  • 2 New Heritage Feats
  • 10 New Ancestry Feats
  • OverView of 3 Dwarf Gods
  • New Metal Domain for Clerics
  • New Focus Spells
  • New Special Material: Osmium, known as deep metal which the dwarves covet.
  • Overview of four Dwarven kingdoms: The Copper Crown Mountains, bureaucratic Orvast, the war-ready Iron Peaks, and the Duergar controlled Zamcelty.

And much, much more!

Compatible with Pathfinder Second Edition