Fey Class Options

by Legendary Games

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Fey Class Options

Heroes of the Wild

When your heroes strike out into the wild, they must be ready to deal with the fey as friend or foe, and this Pathfinder Second Edition accessory provides them an amazing variety of character options! You'll find awesome archetypes like the whimsical jester bard and the nature-warding preservationist champion, cleric domains for mischief and the hunt, druid and ranger feats, gunslinger deeds, summoner eidolons, and new spirits for the shaman class. You'll find five new bloodlines for sorcerers from satyrs to norns, with an array of awesome bloodline spells, and the fey mage archetype brings awesome options for all spellcasters, while the feyfriend opens up possibilities for any character to bond with the fey and draw power from their mysterious and mystical realms like Fairy Blessing, True Love's Kiss, and Blazing Eyes of the Jabberwock! You'll also find dozens of delightful spells like blood to sap, guiding star, steal voice, and dream dalliance! Whether your heroes love the fey or curse them with their dying breaths, this 54-page Pathfinder Second Edition supplement will provide tons of terrific ways to Make Your Game Legendary!