Sword of Kings PF2e

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games



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Sword of Kings PF2e

The King Serves the Land. The Sword Serves the King!

The Sword of Kings is an ancient runic weapon that is much more than magical – it is the rune that fully encapsulates the enigmatic concept of rulership, smelted down through means beyond mortal ken, alloyed with silver, iron, and adamantine, and turned into a symbol of royalty as much as a weapon for defeating foes.

Known by many names the Sword of Kings grows with its owner, granting both the needed combat bonuses and level-appropriate powers themed to become a leader and ruler. It can be a major MacGuffin a GM can use like an artifact to drive a game (but without as much unbalancing impact on encounters as even minor artifacts tend to have), or just a kings-and-rulers themed magic item a character can expend resources to have grow with them throughout their adventuring career.

Whether you want to add some epic royal destiny to a game without tacking on an entire set of nation-building rules, are looking for a major reward to help characters who are in a king-making campaign, or just want to hand out a magic item that will grow to be part of a character’s legend, the Sword of Kings is ready to become part of the myths and stories of your campaign world!