30 for 40 Pathfinder MEGA-BUNDLE

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



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30 for 40 Pathfinder MEGA-BUNDLE

Featuring nearly 1,400 pages of Pathfinder products for just $30 - almost 90% off the cover price of over $270 - this bundle brings you over a hundred marvelous magic items, 100+ magnificently menacing monsters in deliciously deadly detail, tons of new feats and spells and character options, new rule subsystems, ready-to-play characters with fantastic backstories, and 14 complete adventures running the gamut from 1st level to 13th level! Sample a wide variety of genres from the Far East to Ancient Egypt, from the rollicking south seas of the pirate isles to fey-haunted forests, and spectacular sci-fi/fantasy mash-ups from far-off worlds of adventure to postapocalyptic wastelands! 

Products included in the 30 FOR 40 Pathfinder MEGA-BUNDLE include the following:

  • Asian Bloodlines
  • Beasts of Legend: Beasts of the East
  • Faerie Mysteries
  • Feasting at Lanterngeist
  • Hero's Blood
  • Horrific Curses
  • Hypercorps 2099: FAMOTH
  • Islands of Plunder: Raid on the Emperor's Hand 
  • Islands of Plunder: Scourge of the Steaming Isle
  • Legendary Beginnings: A Feast of Flavor
  • Legendary Beginnings: A Feast of Flavor Premium Cards
  • Legendary Beginnings: Crisis at Falling Spring Station
  • Legendary Hybrids: Deadeye Hexer
  • Legendary Villains: Evil Clerics
  • Legendary Worlds: Volretz
  • Mythic Magic: Advanced Spells I
  • Mythic Magic: Advanced Spells II
  • Mythic Magic: Advanced Spells III
  • Mythic Module Monsters: Red Throne 1
  • Mythic Module Monsters: Red Throne 2
  • Mythic Module Monsters: Red Throne 3
  • Mythic Monsters: Guardians of Good
  • Mythic Monsters: Mounts
  • Mythic Monsters: Shadow
  • Orphans of the Hanged Man
  • Past Lives: Secrets of Reincarnation
  • Path of the Reluctant Hero
  • Planetary Heroes
  • Road to Destiny
  • Scorpions of Perdition
  • Starfall
  • The Baleful Coven
  • The Fiddler's Lament
  • The Lost Library of Thoth
  • The Murmuring Fountain
  • Tome of Madness
  • Treasury of the City
  • Treasury of the Crusade
  • Treasury of the Macabre
  • Winter Heroes

For those of you who purchased the original 30 BUCKS, 60 BOOKS MEGA-BUNDLE last year, there are no duplicate products in this bundle. Everything is brand new for you! Grab this incredible collection today for your Pathfinder game and Make Your Pathfinder Game Legendary!