Celebrating Eastrek - the Separation of a Kingdom

by Samurai Sheepdog

Samurai Sheepdog



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Celebrating Eastrek - the Separation of a Kingdom

Celebrating Eastrek is a hallmark of how far we’ve come since we started Mystical: Kingdom of Monsters. This finished guide has been updated to our modern standards and formatting, which includes simple monster stats, easily navigable sections, and detailed locations and NPCs to help round out any adventure in the world of Eldura.


  • A detailed layout of the Coal Brush Plains region of the Kingdom. It was to here the idealists fled the Mad King in the west and built a new home away from his influence. Now they celebrate that journey every year when spring begins with a week of games, parties, and of course, monster training.
  • Meet Miss Sandi, the resident arena master. She’s ready to challenge your party with her fiery companions at the Coal Brush Arena. Or set out to stop the local Thieves’ Guild Captain, Raen and her thundertusk companion before they can cause more trouble for the people of Freeson.
  • Visit spawning grounds, dangerous monster zones, and the King‘s Gate, where the local reeves prevent everybody they can from passing through on either side.

Find and capture 60 monsters, both new and familiar with new options and Challenge Ratings. Each comes with a special Eastrek trainer spell list and monstorin heritage traits so you can play one yourself.

Look up monsters by CR or spell, discover alternate eidolon and summon spell options, and explore the Coal Brush Plains using detailed maps and random encounter tables. And more!