Savage Alternate Class (Barbarian Alternate Class)

by Forest Guardian Press

Forest Guardian Press



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Savage Alternate Class (Barbarian Alternate Class)

Savage Alternate Class (Barbarian Alternate Class)

Share your savage side!!

Forest Guardian Press brings you the savage alternate class for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

The Savage is an Alternate Class for the barbarian class and the monk class, and as such is not intended to be selectable in conjunction with the barbarian or monk classes. Moreover, given the very specific cultural milieu of savage tribes (be they far-flung outliers on the periphery of other, more technologically savvy cultures; or living among the remnants of ancient civilisations as scavengers and survivors) it is intended that more cultured class-concepts not multiclass at their inception with savages. Where another class concept has a wild side, or where the savage is the character's first class this caveat may be removed - perhaps having been whisked away from their tribe and instructed by another, or trained in-tribe by a foreign teacher.

The Savage rips into combat with devastating fury and mixes resilience with a steadfast approach to demolishing foes. Included are the dread savage and noble savage archetypes, as well as the variant psionic phrenic savage; also, with kind permission of Little Red Goblin Games, there is a selection of thematic savage weapons to add to your game.

Presented as a full color, illustrated PDF for viewing on your favorite device, or as a black & white PDF for low-carbon footprint printing.