Ultimate Engineering (PF1)

by Drop Dead Studios

Drop Dead Studios



Tags: Archetypes Classes Fantasy Feats Pathfinder 1e Player Aids Sci-Fi Skills

Ultimate Engineering (PF1)

Ultimate Engineering is a comprehensive and ambitious combat sphere for the Spheres of Might system. Whether a character is a magitech engineer, stylistic clocksmith, or mad scientist, the Tinker sphere offers a sprawling set of talents to customize, design, and develop mastery over technology.

With five packages, Tinker sphere practitioners can customize and outfit themselves and their allies with powerful technology:

  • Augmentation: Directly improve the capabilities of the user. Run faster, lift stronger, survive more, or even create powerful prosthetics.
  • Computation: Program routines to assist, guide, and provide insight - or specialized routines and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Modification: Improve equipment directly, make it stronger, hit harder, reload faster, and be more useful to its wielder.
  • Transmission: Send signals, detect information, and gather information to make decisions.
  • Transportation: Construct mechanoids - bikes, planes, tanks, and even mech suits and mobile combat platforms.

The book also contains rules to let you build, create, and further customize with a robust GM toolkit for Tinker traditions and optional rules!