Way of the Wicked Book 5 - The Devil My Only Master

by Fire Mountain Games

Fire Mountain Games



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Way of the Wicked Book 5 - The Devil My Only Master

Way of the Wicked Book Five -- The Devil My Only Master

Now You are the Master!

For years you have been a follower in a sinister conspiracy dedicated to burning the noble nation of Talingarde to the ground. For years you have accepted their missions and done as you were told. For years you have been a minion.

That changes today. Today you seize your destiny. Today you will destroy those who think themselves above you. Today you will become the dark lord you were always destined to be. And then all of Talingarde will tremble in your wake.

Welcome to the fifth chapter of the critically-acclaimed, Ennie-nominated ""Way of the Wicked"" adventure path! Inside you'll find:

  • 'The Devil My Only Master,' an adventure compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game designed for 16th-level villains by Gary McBride
  • Full color art and maps by Michael Clarke
  • New character options for villains by Jason Bulmahn
  • Rules for playing vampire and lich PCs.
  • And more!

Hunt a linnorm! Corrupt a paladin! Slay your master and become Talingarde's greatest villains!

No one but the devil guides you now.

A 100 page full color PDF including printer friendly version and player handouts.