In the Company of Vampires (Pathfinder)

by Rite Publishing

Rite Publishing



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In the Company of Vampires (Pathfinder)

The Blood Changes Everything

In the Company of Vampiresintroduces moroi culture, providing a unique new undead race with versatile customization options representing vampiric families and curses. Do you choose the divine inspired, the bestial nightcallers, the disturbing nosferatu, the fey-touched shades, the masterful sovereigns, the stoic vanguards, the magic-wielding warlocks, or some combination? This book also includes:

  • Alternate racial traits, including mingled lineages and humanoid racial trait options.
  • The blood noble paragon class, with more than 80 unique talents to drive your undead evolution.
  • Make any class vampiric with the blood bastard and cambion archetypes!
  • Favored classes, racial feats, and new spells.
  • Optional hunting rules, a revised vampire template, and advice for running games for vampires!

From the masterminds that brought you Dragons, Aberrations, and Doppelgangers, we present you with In the Company of Vampires.