The Secrets of Divine Channeling

by Rite Publishing

Rite Publishing



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The Secrets of Divine Channeling

No two fantasy gods manifest the same, so why should their clerics channel energy the same way?

With The Secrets of Divine Channeling at your fingertips, they don't have to! This follow-up to the best selling The Secrets of Martial Mastery is written by Jonathan McAnulty (Coliseum Morpheuon, Ecology of the Froghemoth) bringing you new channeling effects for every domain you can imagine and a few you've probably forgotten.

Check out the Divine Channeler, a base class option focused on mastering the pure, unfiltered energy of the gods. Consider the eight new feats to give your divine caster more options when channeling, like Channeled Blast, Enlarged Channeling and Maximized Channeling. Revel in the new rules for Domain Channeling, detailing sensory, major, minor and combat effects for over 30 different domains. 

Give your divine casters more detail. Give your divine casters something to set them apart.

Give them The Secrets of Divine Channeling and watch them shine like you've never seen them before!