Magical Armament Compendium Volume I

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games



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Magical Armament Compendium Volume I

Do the magical weapons in your Pathfinder campaign lack that indefinable something that will make them stand out in your player's minds for years to come?

Are you in need of a handy low-level magical sword to encourage a halfling or gnome fighter to test their mettle with more zeal?

What about pretty pictures? How about cards with pretty pictures?

This FREE volume of the Magical Armament Compendium includes.....

The charming Shortsword of Enlarging Diminishment

An alternate enchantment for magical weapons that both improves their efficacy while encouraging teamwork and getting your players to think twice before they pull out that crucial magic weapon for the umpeenth time - Mirrored weapons.

Two examples of how to implement the Mirrored weapon enchantment are included, and all three of these magical tools of destruction are beautifully rendered by the talented Neil Myler.

At the end of the document there are also card templates for the warriors among you that enjoy a well kept armory.

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