The Wayfaring Guide to Haven

by Samurai Sheepdog

Samurai Sheepdog



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The Wayfaring Guide to Haven

The Wayfaring Guide to Haven

If your group is looking for somewhere to start a new adventure, or they want to bring favorite characters back for another round, the realm of the Tournament Grounds introduced in the Wayfaring Guide to Haven offers the way.

At first glance, Haven resembles a simple village found on most worlds, and to anybody just passing through, it's exactly that. For those in search of something more dangerous, though, Haven acts as the starting line for a world-spanning competition called the Tournament Grounds.

The Wayfaring Guide to Haven details the village, prominent NPCs, and reasons to visit so you don't have to. Give your group a fleshed out location to which they can return periodically, or offer them a new challenge as they sign up for the next tournament.


  • Maps of the Tournament Grounds and Haven
  • Full-color art
  • Rules for tournament stones.
  • And more!