The Fighter Unbound

by The Knotty-Works

The Knotty-Works



Tags: Archetypes Classes Feats Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition

The Fighter Unbound

The Fighter Unbound

Presenting the re-imagined Fighter. Taking the lessons learned from other core products, the Fighter Unbound offers a fully customizable martial character who remains true to the concepts presented in the original class whose abilities have been amped up to match some of the newer class mechanics that have developed since the original class released.

In addition to the class itself the archetype has been revamped, presenting over twenty roles based on many of the original archetypes as well as a few new ones as well. Roles encompass the same function as archetypes but the unbound fighter is not restricted to just one. New feats are also included for use with the unbound fighter.

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