Umbra Base Class

by ARMR Studios

ARMR Studios



Tags: Classes Fantasy Horror Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition

Umbra Base Class

Umbra Base Class

Unleash the fury of the umbra base class upon your foes (or upon your players). The umbra is a master of shadows, able to call upon powerful spell-like abilities called shadowmancies to obfuscate himself and confound his foes. The umbra can zero in on an enemies’ shadow and sunder it, causing horrendous wounds upon his target. With his shadowball ability, the umbra can conjure shadows into a ball of pure energy to strike his foes.

Enemies beware, for an umbra hides in every shadow.

A new base class brought to you by ARMR Studios. Included in this book are feats to compliment the vindicator base class, as well as favored class options.