Classes of the Lost Spheres - Shadow Weaver

by Lost Spheres Publishing

Lost Spheres Publishing



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Classes of the Lost Spheres - Shadow Weaver

In worlds where psions are the undisputed masters of Astral quintessence and the energies of the mind, sorcerers are the scions of Elemental bloodlines ancient and powerful, and clerics draw forth the powers of the Outer worlds; what does the universe present for the illusory deceits and rippling half-reality of the Shadow Plane?

Nothing? No One?

Hints scattered through a dozen traditions and many spells allude to a greater truth, a master unseen but from the corner of the eye or the flicker of a shadow by an owner unmoving. Illusionists whisper of a power glimpsed in the edges of their trickery. The tilted perspective of one who knows the worlds half-formed and has the Will to drive them to fullness.

The shadow weaver is that one. A master of self-enforced realities and perspectives bent toward the end of design over the drudgeries of truth. As varied as the wills they command, witness a brief glimpse into the world of the masters of illusory writ and worlds imagined.

Welcome to the Classes of the Lost Spheres: Shadow Weaver!

A new base class for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, the shadow weaver puts the power of the Shadow Plane’s quasi-reality in your hands! Through the power of Perspectives, each shadow weaver gains unique abilities from expanded spell access to the ability simulate psionic powers! Over 50 new spells usable for the class and other classes like specialist illusionists or those from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Occult Adventures rulebook.