BB2 Party of One Elgar Fletch and the Dark Army

by Kobold Press

Kobold Press



Tags: Adventure fantasy One-on-One Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition

BB2 Party of One Elgar Fletch and the Dark Army


Elgar Fletch, a backwoods hunter and trapper, finds his life turned upside-down as strange appearances in the woods foretell an invasion that threatens the kingdom. Can a boy who's never set foot out of his small village defeat an unstoppable army? That's up to you, the choices you make, and the luck of the die…

This stand-alone Party of One adventure is designed for a single player with no GM and basic rules. All you need to play is some dice (d6, d8, and 20), a pencil, some paper, and this book.

The rules are explained as you play. Begin at paragraph 1 and proceed from there, taking notes as you go.

Elgar Fletch and the Dark Army includes both a 1st level and 3rd level character sheet for Elgar, fully compatible for use with any beginning OGL or Pathfinder Roleplaying Game party to continue your adventures!