Companions of the Firmament

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Companions of the Firmament

Companions of the Firmament is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible supplement that focuses on personal flight in your fantasy adventures and campaigns.  It provides support for gamemasters and players, offering advice, mechanics and options from all sides of the table so that your adventures can take to the skies. Highlights include:

  • The Wyrm Rider archetype for Cavaliers to have a customized domesticated dragon as their companion.
  • The Sky Pilgrim archetype for Monks that focus on utilizing the element of air for exploration, offense and defense.
  • Expanded list of flying companions for Druids and Rangers.
  • Companion structured rules for creatures such as the Pegasus, Griffon, and Giant Eagle.
  • Domesticated flying mounts for any character that are scaled to level so that the entire party can have adventures in the sky.
  • Gear specific for use in flight.
  • Elaboration and extended rules to cover where the existing ruleset fall silent in regard to flying.
  • Advice and optional rules for dealing with flight in campaigns at any level.
  • Creature sheets containing 71 pieces of artwork designed to be printed out and used on a battlemat, making it easy to show when your characters are mounted on their companions, vehicles, or magic items.

Companions of the Firmament gives you the tools to outfit either a single player or an entire party with a flying mount which has been designed and tested to work with the existing system. It provides advice for game masters to shape their campaigns and adventures so that the wonder and excitement of flight can be brought to a campaign, and avoid unexpected surprises that circumvent challenges.

The PDF version of Companions of the Firmament contains some full color artwork and has four extra pages of color creature sheets, totally 188 pages.  

Monster Sheets

Flying encounters can become complicated, especially if all of the participants are in the air at the same time.  Companions of the Firmament offers up several approaches to handling flight to fit what you consider fun.  One of the approaches is to use "Monster Sheets" in your aerial encounters.  Each sheet has the statblock for a flying monster along with a flying chart to make it visually easy what that particular monster can do when flying in the sky.  

Along with your PDF you will recieve a zip file containing 315 monster sheets covering all of the flying creatures in the first three Bestiaries of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.  

What do you get?

If you purchase the Companions of the Firmament PDF you will recieve:

  • Companions of the Firmament PDF normal resolution (39 MB)
  • Companions of the Firmament PDF lite-version (12.2 MB)
  • Monster Sheets zip file (6.3 MB)

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