Vampire Name Generator

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Vampire Name Generator

Vampire Name Generator

Vampire Name Generator

The name of a vampire can strike fear and terror in those that hear it. But what is that name?

The names these tables create will have a mixture of western-modern and fantasy feel to them. This is to reflect that many vampires are quite old and some might say arrogant, with the very dramatic or cliché names, such as “Doom” or “Bloodbath” and the fact they come from many backgrounds. Some names have Dutch background, some French and other countries. 

These sets of tables are not extensive and cannot cover every possible name that might be used. They are here to prompt your imagination and spark new ideas.


  • d100 table for female first names
  • d100 table for male first names
  • d100 table for surnames
  • d100 table of example/pre-made names

Example names:

  • Alexandria Cornelius
  • Bianca Cole
  • Chastity Mabuse


  • Alec Morgenstern
  • Angel Dirgemoon
  • Arthur Darkblood