The Secret Fire RPG Character Sheet

by Secret Fire Games

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The Secret Fire RPG Character Sheet

These character sheets put all of your Secret Fire RPG character information in front of you in an easy to understand and appealing to the eye form. The Character Wheel is presented in the center of the sheet with the Morality scale above it. The reverse side (or page 2) of the sheet provides areas to track combat status and wound effects as well as available spells and prayers.

About The Secret Fire

THE SECRET FIRE uses a unique blend of game design and storytelling to create a fast and flexible original fantasy game system of roleplaying, exploration, and constant danger. Screenwriter of 15 years (Sam Raimi's XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS and HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS, DRAGONLANCE: DRAGONS OF AUTUMN TWILIGHT, the upcoming $150 million film THE DUNGEON MASTER about Gary Gygax), Origins Award-nominated game designer (MEN IN BLACK, STAR WARS D6, INDIANA JONES, THE D6 SYSTEM, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, NECROSCOPE, Decipher's LORD OF THE RINGS, etc.) of 17 years, and most importantly RPG player since 1979, George Strayton has crafted TSFs revolutionary immersion mechanics (screenwriting plus fantasy RPG game design) to breathe real life into the experience of descending into dungeons, exploring the uncharted wilderness, and saving the innocent from certain doom.

Indeed, The Secret Fire encourages players to become their charactersit could be their only hope of survival. And the book itself gives contains dozens of hidden puzzles that lead to free content, giving players an extra "game" to play between sessions that can help them in their campaigns.

Note that 10% of profits from THE SECRET FIRE are going to the Gary Gygax Memorial Fund (

A flavor-filled approach to fantasy gaming that puts the mystery and magic back into the dark recesses of the dungeon. Monte Cook, Co-Creator of Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition

With THE SECRET FIRE, George Strayton is following in the footsteps of the inventor and master of roleplaying games, Gary Gygax, expanding on Garys original vision of fantasy roleplaying by taking it back to its roots while simultaneously bringing it into the future. Gail Gygax